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Centre écologique et touristique 'Parc Housen'

The Centre écologique et touristique „Parc Housen” has several purposes: the building includes the House of...

Airport 57km
Freeway 22km
Clervau. 10km

Centre National Sportif et Culturel d'Coque

The Centre National Sportif et Culturel d’Coque is an exceptional event facility providing sports- and business facilities...

Airport 7km
Freeway 3km
Luxembo. 2.8km

Cercle Cité

The Cercle Cité, located in the very heart of the City of Luxembourg, with a total built area of 8300 m2, represents an...

Airport 7km
Freeway 3.5km

Chambre de Commerce

Situated in the Kirchberg district in the heart of Luxembourg, the 6500 m2 Conference and Training Center of the...

MICE cluster member
Airport 7km
Freeway 3km
Luxembo. 2.8km

Château d'Urspelt

In the north of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, not far from the famous medieval town of Clervaux, lies...

MICE cluster member
Airport 67km
Freeway 33km
Clervau. 2km

Château de Septfontaines

The outstanding site of the former porcelain manufactory Faïencerie Villeroy & Boch, and the...

Airport 10km
Freeway 2.5km
Luxembo. 2.8km

Château de Vianden

The medieval Vianden castle was built between the 11th and the 14th century and superbly restored starting...

Airport 48km
Freeway 22km
Vianden 0.5km

Château de Wiltz

Meetings in the castle Situated at the very heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes, in a landscape of wooded hillsides and tranquil...

Airport 62km
Freeway 27km

Cine Ariston

Caramba met à votre disposition ses salles tout confort et totalement équipées d'un matériel...

Airport 32km
Freeway 2.5km
Esch-su. 0.1km

Cine Kinosch

Le Kinosch est la salle de cinéma de la Kulturfabrik à Esch/Alzette. Il a été ouvert en mai 1999....

Airport 28km
Freeway 1.1km
Esch-su. 2.1km

Cine Kursaal

Le cinéma Kursaal est la salle la plus ancienne du pays. Construite en 1908, elle a été en exploitation...

Airport 32km
Freeway 5km
Esch-su. 6.7km

Ciné Sura

Ciné Sura is located in down-town Echternach, a beautiful old town in the Müllerthal region in the...

Airport 30km
Freeway 15km

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