Why is Luxembourg
the ideal MICE destination?

Strategically located in the heart of Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is the ideal MICE destination. It is a country with a human dimension, located within easy reach of numerous major European business centres, which limits the need for extensive travel. Luxembourg's infrastructure is ideally suited for the organisation of meetings, incentives, conventions and other events. These are only a few among the greatest attributes of a country, which plays the trump cards of warmhearted welcome, safety and stability.

The 10 best reasons to favour Luxembourg


A country with a human dimension

The Grand Duchy is one of the few European countries to present and foster the human dimension. This means all its hotels, its tourism and business infrastructure are within easy reach, which represents a major advantage for MICE organisers: the costs and loss of time associated with lengthy journeys are not on the Luxembourg agenda.


Nearby and easy to reach

Strategically located in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is above all a nearby destination with extremely easy access. Linked to the rest of Europe by a first-class road network, numerous air connections from its international airport and excellent rail connections (e.g. TGV from Paris), Luxembourg is easily accessible from anywhere in Europe.


First-class infrastructure

Throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - be it the capital city or the regions throughout the country - you will find modern and well-equipped conference and meeting infrastructure to suit your requirements and expectations. Venues provide high-quality, frequently modular and easily personalised facilities equipped with the latest communication technologies, allowing for easy organisation of meetings, seminars, exhibitions and other corporate events.


Perfectly safe

The Grand Duchy holds a trump card when it comes to political stability and the safety of people and property. For years in row, Mercer's annual quality of Living Survey places Luxembourg among the safest capital cities in the world. In choosing Luxembourg, you’ll have one worry less on your agenda.


A European capital

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is one of the most dynamic founding members of Benelux and the European Union. Today, Luxembourg can proudly boast of being not only an internationally important economic and financial hub, but also a European capital and home to numerous international institutions. Luxembourg City is also one of the ten most relaxed cities in the world. In organizing your conference or corporate event in Luxembourg, you’ll be able to benefit from the destination’s infrastructure and know-how, part of which is directly or indirectly resulting from Luxembourg’s long term role as one of the European capitals.


Extreme diversity

No other European country can boast so much diversity within so small an area. Luxembourg not only offers a multitude of lovingly preserved natural landscapes but it also bears constant witness to its rich history as well as its outstanding architectural, cultural and industrial heritage (prestigious museums, historic castles, exhibition halls and art galleries). A number of these sights have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage.


Sustainable development above all

Preserving its natural sites, harmoniously developing its urban centres, promoting the pure quality of everyday life: the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a staunch adherent to the principles of sustainable development. Well aware of the richness of its natural, cultural and human resources as well as its extraordinary diversity, its people always keep the needs and the well-being of future generations in mind.


Fascinating nature

The Grand Duchy encourages a real return to nature. From the vine-growing slopes of the Moselle Valley to the rugged hilltops of the Ardennes, via the famous Land of the Red Rock still bearing the marks of a glorious industrial era, the rocky outcrops of Luxembourg’s “Little Switzerland” or the verdant Gutland at the heart of which nestles the city of Luxembourg: the country offers a multitude of sumptuous landscapes.


A land of regional produce

Wine and sparkling wine from the Moselle Valley, beer, honey, spelt-based products, meat and delicatessen products, butter, aromatic herbs, etc., Luxembourg’s local gourmet produce of finest quality has long been renowned and appreciated. In most cases, the produce is protected by labels certifying their 100% Luxembourg origin and/or their organic quality.

Moreover, Luxembourg is the country with the highest number of prestigious and starred restaurants per capita worldwide. You are offered a culinary panorama of extraordinary diversity and a level of quality rarely encountered elsewhere. From the traditional rustic inn, via the cosy and convivial brasserie, to the most acclaimed restaurant, Luxembourg’s table is varied, of the highest quality and generously served.


A multicultural and multilingual country

Luxembourg is a land of meeting and exchange, where more than one third of the local population holds a foreign passport. In excess of 150 different nationalities live in Luxembourg: Portuguese, French, Italians, Belgians, Germans, etc. The country’s linguistic system is based on the use of three administrative languages: Luxembourgish, French and German – with English widely spoken everywhere. Its geographic location places Luxembourg City less than half an hour away from France, Belgium and Germany. This amazing mixture of nationalities and cultures reflects in all aspects of Luxembourg society through the use of languages, in gastronomy, the arts, leisure, sports, etc.


Luxembourg, the country where you can return to nature

Welcome to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg! A small country... a great tourist destination! Luxembourg offers amazing landscapes, a rich heritage and infrastructures to sports fans and to lovers of fine cuisine, to children and to businessmen, to fitness fanatics and to culture vultures, to adventurers and to nature lovers. Luxembourg: a single country with a thousand and one facets.



Luxembourg, the country of all cultures

Historic, military or religious architectural heritage, classical music concerts or recitals by variety artists, museums of folkore or contemporary art, fortresses, themed footpaths, exhibitions... in Luxembourg culture takes on every form.




Eat & Sleep

Luxembourg, the country of fine dining

Starred restaurants, rustic inns, cosy brasseries, traditionnal cooking or haute cuisine: the talent of Luxembourg's chefs is only equal to their passion.
An oustanding range of accomodation: hotels from 1 to 5 stars, hospitable inns, camp sites, apartment hotels, motels, guest houses, rustic gites, holiday homes, farm accommodations... for all tastes, for all occasions and for all budgets.



Luxembourg, the country where shopping is a tradition

Luxury boutiques, major stores, gourmet markets, international brands and national products... an endless choice of shopping possibilities.
Take a stroll through modern and welcoming shopping centres or enjoy friendly and safe pedestrian streets: Luxembourg offers a unique shopping experience.



Luxembourg, the country of sports

Sports on land, on water or in the air, recreation, regeneration and well-being.
There is always a way to enjoy your favourite sport in Luxembourg.



Luxembourg, the country where wellness is assured

Saunas, anti-stress massages, body & mind care or anti-cellulite treatments, lymphatic drainage, skin care, fitness, Turkish baths… wellness in all its many forms.
Specialised centres with most modern facilities help you to unwind, relax and regenerate.


What Luxembourg offers

Facts about Luxembourg

Official name
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

National language: Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch)
Administrative languages: French,German and Luxembourgish English widely spoken

Area: 2,586 sq kilometres / 999 sq miles
Neighbouring countries: Germany, Belgium and France

Capital city

Temperate: From May to mid-October, the temperatures are particularly pleasant. Whereas May and June are the sunniest months, July and August are the hottest. In September and October, Luxembourg often experiences its own “Indian Summer”.

Total population: 576,000  inhabitants (01.01.2016)

Form of government: Constitutional Monarchy under a system of Parliamentary Democracy
Head of State: HRH Grand Duke Henri

Euro (EUR)

Time zone


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