Who had the best facilities to host the Life Cycle Management Conference

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Luxembourg has many decades experience hosting large international meetings. As one of the EU’s business and political capitals it has the necessary infrastructure and services. For example, the 8th edition of the major Life Cycle Management Conference recently attracted up to 700 specialists from more than 40 countries.

Scientists and industrialists, as well as representatives of government and civil society came together from 3-6 September. They discussed options for creating more environmentally and socially sustainable economies. This event was hosted at the European Convention Centre, Luxembourg City’s large, modern conference venue close to a wide choice of hotels and transport links.  Catering, simultaneous translation, audio-visual technology and more are available from the ecosystem of service providers.

Life cycle management is about creating integrated systems for improving operations, products and services. It relates to technological, economic, environmental and social aspects of an organisation and its products. Around 120 speakers had been selected to animate panel discussions and workshops at the conference. Manufacturers and researchers also showcased practical examples of their products and prototypes.

The Life Cycle Management Conference series was started in 2001 and now is held every two years. It has grown into a leading international forum to promote global cooperation across different disciplines.

Typically for Luxembourg, this major initiative has support from across the public and private sectors. It was organised by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology public research centre, the University of Luxembourg, and the world’s largest steel firm ArcelorMittal. These efforts were also backed by the Economy Ministry, the National Research Fund, and the European Investment Bank, the Luxembourg-based EU development institution.

“We are proud to have hosted this important conference “ said “Patrick Hoffnung, the director of Luxembourg Congrès, the conference services company which runs the European Convention Center. “Not only  dit it help international researchers and policy makers in this important field, but it underlines Luxembourg’s ability to host major events “ he added.

The country has what it takes to bring diverse people together in a professional environment to facilitate the flow of ideas. Less formal networking sessions are also important. Cocktails, cultural visits, and golf days are often a part of conference programmes in the Grand-Duchy. Hence the country provides the ideal venue for decision makers from across the globe as they discuss best practice and the potential for innovation.

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